Archetype of the Spirit


Visioning Human Wholeness

“This is a rich, dense and layered read which will reward the reader's attention to Richardson's careful weaving of concepts at several levels. The charts and diagrams are very helpful to this end, especially for the visual learner.” Click here for review.

—Rev. Karen Foley

“Richardson’s Archetype of the Spirit offers both the specialist and generalist readers a provocative and compelling integration of personal experience and images and motifs of comparative religion.  Not quite a “grammar,” it nonetheless suggests a new organizing principle.”
—Stephen J. Reno, Chancellor Emeritus
University System of New Hampshire

“In Richardson’s latest book (Archetype of the Spirit) he has gone a step beyond his usual superb work and has produced a volume that I believe is an invaluable contribution to world knowledge and a sense of understanding how religion becomes what it is in its many facets.”
—Rev. Roger Otis Kuhrt
Tacoma, Washington

“A dozen members of Community Church in New Orleans were excited by our discussions on Archetype of the Spirit, and it helped each of them in their spiritual growth. We ended our sessions by placing "Sky, Earth, Sun, and Moon" on our Church's Tree of Life, which brought the message of these four to everyone in our congregation.”

—Rev. James VanderWeele
Minister Community Church, U.U.
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Archetype of the Spirit helps us to understand our own personality type as part of the wild and crazy development of consciousness on this sweet and bedraggled planet.  In our multicultural, multi-religious world, we must understand the spiritual journeys of unity, devotion, works, and harmony.  Zealots related to these paths make news as fresh as today's headlines.

“As we strive to understand the world "out there," we must also strive to understand the world "in here."  We must understand how archetypal spiritual journeys are expressed in our own lives.  We rest on our laurels and we look down upon "misfits" at our own peril and at the peril of the vast and deep life which we share.”

—Rev. Ann Schranz
Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation,
Montclair, California



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