Beyond God


Journey Beyond God
Religious Philosophy for our Time

by Peter Richardson


Our social discourse today is filled with either–or choices, oversimplifying a complex world. Journey Beyond God describes the complex situation of religion today and draws out a proposal for Humanist Naturalist religion going forward. In the context of our aloneness and togetherness alternative religious orientations are presented for our global religious environment. Issues are raised around God, soul/spirit, immortality, mysticism, consciousness, reason, leadership, congregational life, spiritual practice, world scriptures and traditions, ethics, and the emerging challenges of living in the twentieth-first century.

Four variations of theism, atheism and humanist naturalist religion are discussed in a world context. This book is essential for sorting religious alternatives for those in and out of present-day religions, for clergy and laity alike, for all who care for the future and well-being for our humanity on this planet. 

Quality paperback, 192 pages, 38 illustrations, 5 charts, Study guide for discussion groups, bibliographies, index.  ISBN-13: 978-0-9741152-8-3, © 2011










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