Exploring UU Identity

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by Peter Richardson


Here is an examination of four themes of critical importance for contemporary religious liberals.  Consisting in the author’s Minns Lectures for 2005, “The Boston Religion: Special Themes,” there are four chapters:  (1) Finding Our Ground; (2) Congregational Life: Standing Order, Free Association, Pluralism; (3) Transcendentalism and Its Transformations; and (4) From Unsectarian Sect to Multifaith Faith.  To these are added an Afterward and expanded Notes, a Bibliography and Index.

Quality Paperback, 121 pages, 16 illustrations, bibliography, index, ISBN 10: 0-9741152-1-5 and ISBN 13: 978-0-9741152-1-4, c. 2006, second printing 2010.

William E. Channing

William E. Channing