Exploring UU Identity



by Peter Richardson

A goal for a multifaith faith must be the formation of global consciousness, an orientation in which the world holds our first loyalty, in which world citizenship comes first and the practice of religion holds our human inheritance as our birthright.  A religion for one world lives in the reality of that NASA image of a blue and white sphere as our home, what Buckminster Fuller called, “Spaceship Earth.”  That reality and that inheritance is evolved through the fires of the individual’s own spiritual development, always unique and always responsive to the requirements of the human family, its every day, its world themes and challenges.  In other words through the cultivation of global consciousness in each individual Unitarian Universalist, congregations become more capable of ministering to the world which desperately needs global perspectives.

-excerpted from page 77



First Church in Plymouth

First Church in Plymouth, 1620

First Parish in Watertwon

First Parish in Dorchester, 1630