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Sitting in our side dooryard is an ancient barn built in the English barn style of the early settlers.  In family legend when the three Ingraham brothers, Joseph, Josiah and Job, settled in the early 1780s in Rockland between Ingraham's Point and Ingraham's Hill they shared a common barn.  Later Josiah's daughter, Susan, married Otis Robbins, Jr. and likely continued use of the barn for livestock.  By the mid 1800s it was "the shop" in Calvin Ingraham's shipyard.  With the barn falling into disuse, his cousin and my great grandfather, Frank S. Kalloch, ( hauled it with oxen across the field to its present location in 1877 to house his horse and cow, and supplies for his tinware business.  In the 1930s it became a "party barn" and remains so today in the seventh generation.

Pioneer Stories of Maine

The first settler on the land where I live and the red barn sits were my fourth great grandparents, Joseph and Bradbury Ingraham.  Joseph fought in the battle of Castine in the American Revolution as captain of the Lincoln Galley and on land.  On the way home he and, as it turned out, his future father-in-law landed in Glen Cove and as Joseph was still doing his own cooking, Jacob Keen invited him to dinner at his cabin behind Dodge's Mountain in Rockland.  There Joseph for the first time met Bradbury, oldest of Jacob and Deborah's fourteen children.  We presume it was love at first sight though they did not marry until 1783.

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Pioneer stories