Four spiritualities


A Psychology of Contemporary Spiritual Choice

by Peter Richardson


Explores and describes four parallel spiritual paths found in each branch of human religion, world around: the Journey of Unity, the Journey of Devotion, the Journey of Works, and the Journey of Harmony. These journeys are correlated with Jungian personality type and the MBTI™ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). In this way an individual can examine how their unique personality resonates with the many variations of their journey’s emergence around the world.

For the study of world religion an individual will engage their study from the perspective of personal understanding and growth.

For those living in interfaith families insights can be gained understanding that differences among journeys can be greater than differences between two religious traditions.

For interfaith relationships among groups it is important to be able to recognize the four patterns in each group as a basis for appreciation, dialogue, participation.

For leaders of interfaith congregations, it is important to support individuals in all four journeys for their participation in congregational life.

Quality paperback, 245 pages, 10 illustrations, bibliography, index, ISBN 0-89106-083-9, c. 1996. A distributed product from Nicholas Brealey Publishing. (Over 10,000 copies have sold so far.)



Figure of Four Spiritualities

The Four Spiritualities


Amida Buddha

Amida Buddha