Mechanic Street


Uncovering the History of a Maine Neighborhood

by Eleanor Richardson


Would that every historic neighborhood in Maine had as thorough and thoughtful an historian as Eleanor Motley Richardson. Her engagingly written and well illustrated chronicle of Rockland’s Mechanic Street – its houses and its families – is a model of its kind to be emulated by those who care about the heritage of their own communities.

Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Maine State Historia

From the mailbox:

“I have been so tardy in getting a note off to you to say how thrilled we all were when your books arrived, as were the children too! You did a tremendous job of getting so much information together, and I am so proud that 52 Mechanic was a part of it!”

“Congratulations on your new book about the street where I grew up. It’s packed full of new information for me, and is so well written and so beautifully laid out to boot. All of us for whom Mechanic Street means so much are lucky to have its history as nicely recorded as you’ve chosen to do. Thank you for taking on this project.”

“What an extraordinary accomplishment! I am speaking of your book of course. It sits on our coffee table and we pick it up and marvel at it. How much time and effort it must have taken. I would not have believed that such a book could be so interesting.”

“I was very pleased with your book on the Mechanic Street properties. You cleared up at least one mystery for me, which was the identity of Capt. Stahl of the bark PATHFINDER. I also have your Hurricane Island book (two copies) but didn’t know that you were the author! Great job on both.”

“I bought this book at Jess’s Fish Market yesterday & thumbed thru before I even started the car – and someday I hope to go back with the book in hand & tour Mechanic Street. I love history & try to organize notes I’ve kept & written over the years about our neighborhood on Islesboro. After supper I started reading from back to front several houses and at 11:30 p.m. I was still doing Mechanic Street! Awoke at 3 a.m. re-reading till breakfast at 5:30….But I haven’t been so enthused about life for a long time. Now I may get with it and do something for the history of Islesboro – I have tons of it that needs a home.”

Buick and Trolley Track

Buick and Trolley Track


Central Maine Wharf

Central Maine Wharf