North Haven Summers


An Oral History

by Eleanor Richardson


From the mailbox:

“Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with your book – and what a job you have done in pulling together all you got from so many people. I had special fun and interest in your chapter on the Transplants – and it is so well and sensitively presented…this book will have a prime spot in our North Haven library – next to Hurricane Island and Anne Lindbergh.”

“What a joy to get your absolutely glorious opus on North Haven. One can almost hear (as well as see) the “oral” historians you have so artistically and so reportorially captured.”

“What a nicely done book! I’ve enjoyed reading much of it already and although I’m not familiar with the area would greatly like to visit at one point.”

“Your book is well done and an important contribution to the continuing historical record of the islands of Maine.”

“That you have given equal billing to the Island people places this book in a class by itself, and should do its share of binding the two communities further together, a fascinating process that has been going on since the first summer people arrived.”

“I think that you have really captured the ambiance, the evolution and flow of time from the “rusticators” to the present. Well, we are not really living a la Thoreau ­­– but I think that people who really like Vinalhaven and North Haven – generally have an appreciation for beauty and the quiet and tranquility of a place where one can walk and hear the hermit thrush, see the soaring osprey, hear the loons at night and the fragrance of the balsam is in my mind and heart all year as I think about returning to the island.”

“I have enjoyed North Haven Summers with a revival of heart-warming remembrances of being on the island during the summers of 1935-40. My husband, a young physician, found the varieties of family life on North haven very stimulating to his later career in Educational Medicine.”

“Our boat trip home to the Chesapeake took 18 days – most of them delightful and full of stops. My crew mate, alias wife, while very helpful, spent most of her waking hours wrapped around North Haven Summers. I kid you not – she is absolutely hooked on it and voiced frequent oohs and aahs throughout the voyage. I join in her enthusiasm and declare it a masterpiece of fact, historical gems and beautifully woven descriptions.”

“I love Eleanor’s book about your island. It is readable and full of fun tales, even for one who has no past in the “group” – I reread The Country of the Pointed Firs this spring and they make a fun pair.”