Universalist Church Readfield

Union, later Universalist
Church, Readfield, ME

Other Writings

Current and past writings are posted here from time to time. They are selected for their general interest for different groups likely to visit this site. These are pdf files and require Acrobat Reader to open.

Adult Spiritual Growth - Here I managed to get the essence of Archetype of the Spirit into a 25 minute sermon.  Where you find the large X I asked the congregation to stand to show the embodied nature of the archetype with Earth (SF) beneath their feet, Sky (NT) at their head, Sun (ST) at their right, Moon (NF) at their left and of course the Tree of Life, the human spine, integrating the whole.

Darwin at 199 - As the Darwin bicentennial approached I had some concerns to address to the Unitarian Universalist movement.

History, First Baptist Church in Thomaston, ME - Not only did my great great grandfather, Rev. Joseph Kalloch, serve this church but there is great theological interest in the story of its early ministers for both Baptists and Universalists.

The Story of Maine’s Oldest Sunday School - Children learn differently than adults. Here is a story of the emergence of adult awareness of this! It was an attempt to leave something for the collective memory in Kennebunk after I received a call to ministry with the UU Congregation in Andover, MA. I think it has a general interest as well.

Universalists and Unitarians In Kennebec County, ME - The State of Maine has 16 counties. Here is a description of the Universalist and Unitarian congregations which have convened in one, Kennebec County. I am researching and writing of all 16 with an essay describing the dynamics and influences of these religions in the state. The project includes about 240 images of church buildings so far.

In Support of the Right to Choice - This is a sermon preached during a time when Roe v. Wade was being challenged. Later the same year on Nov. 12, 1989, the First Parish in Kennebunk was selected to be the sunrise event for Mobilize For Women’s Lives. The sermon was distributed to the estimated 2500 persons who attended.

The Spiritual Founders of Our Constitution - At the 200th anniversary of the U. S. Constitution Evangelicals and the so-called “moral majority” were claiming the founders of our Republic held religious views like themselves and further that there was a causal connection from their theological positions to American institutions. It just isn’t true. This essay began as several sermons, then a polemical essay which I published. It is reissued here with minor changes for those searching for balance.The leaders of our Revolution were centrally Deistic and Unitarian establishing principles distinctly contrary to those of the “religious right.”

Avenues for Religious Freedom - This paper was written for Commissions 1 & 2 at meetings of the World Congress of the International Asssociation for Religious Freedom held in Kochi, India, September 4, 2010.  IARF is the world’s oldest multi-faith organization, founded in 1900.

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Meeting house of the First Parish Unitarian in Kennebunk as it is today.


Worship Room

Worship room, First Parish Unitarian, Kennebunk, ME,
Nov. 12, 1989.   Photo by E.M.R.